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Rugby Open Photographer


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Official photographs at the Rugby Open Meet 2017 We're pleased to announce that we'll be offering official photographs at the Rugby Open Meet 2017.  Mel Fenson Photography will be at the meet on Sunday March 5th, doing her best to photograph your child's best side!  Shortly after the meet the images will be available to view via a Dropbox link that we will email out to participating clubs. You'll also be able to register your email directly with Mel on the day.  Only those with the link to the Dropbox file will be able to view the images, they will not be made public without parental consent. The high resolution digital images are £4.50 for one image, or £12.00 for three images. A percentage of sales will be donated to the club.  Find out more about Mel Fenson Photography at: https://www.facebook.com/MelFensonPhotography/.If you DO NOT want your child to be photographed on the day, please email Mel directly at: mel@workyourwords.co.uk

Coventry & District Relay Gala - Saturday 4th February 2017



What a fantastic night we had over at the Coventry 50m pool for the annual Coventry & District relay gala.

Rugby swimmers you did us proud! It was a thoroughly enjoyable night to watch as a spectator. The team spirit was high both on poolside and in the gallery.

There were some very close races with Rugby A & B teams both featuring regularly amongst the top 4 places (21 out of the 32 races).

We did particularly well coming 2nd in both relays in the following age groups... so well done to:

12/14 year old boys A team, Matthew Seaton, Luke Anspoks, Ben Jones and Daniel Carey.

12/14 year old boys B team, Barney Dudkowsky, Toby Rigg, Max Green and Aaron Kirkaldy.

15 yrs over boys A team, Lucas Williams, Ross Turner, Gleb Popov and Jack Carey.

15 yrs over boys B team, Thomas Parker, Devesh Chohan, Rhys James and Mr Chairman (Simon Rigg).

The 10/11 year old girls B team came 3rd in their freestyle race, a big well done to Phoebe Faupel, Clara Haywood, Yanna Villasis and Elizabeth O’Brien.

As did the 12/14 year old girls A team, Jessica Mckenzie, Lucy Ann Cunliffe, Ceri House and Charlotte O’Brien, well done girls!

The 15 yrs over girls freestyle A team came 3rd also which is definitely worth a mention as we haven't won a medal in this age group in living memory. Well done Maddie Haywood, Jasmine Rigg, Holly Cochrane and Megan Williams.

A special mention should also go to our newcomers in the younger age groups as this was their first gala, so a very big deal for them… Well done, Amelia Kerr, Logan Wilson-Shrubb, Noah Unwin and Marco Rodriguez Hernandez. 

Chairman's Charity Challenge

As I am fast approaching my "21st" birthday in March, I thought we could have charity challenge. On March 12th, during training at 5pm, we will be holding a relay race. Not a 6x50m, or indeed a 12x50m, but a 50x50m relay. (might be a clue in the real age there). The charity element comes in from a number of elements, there will be a small charge to watch this extravaganza, but also in a sponsorship deal. (more of that later). All monies raised will go to the Chairman's beer fund, well Cancer Research to be honest.


The teams will be Boys, led off by Toby Rigg, vs Girls, led off by Jasmine Rigg, vs Masters led off by myself, with maybe a small (very small) handicap in the start, to get things started. There will be 50 boys, and 50 girls, so from the very oldest and largest through to the development section. Devesh is sorting out the boys and girls teams.


The Masters team will be a motely crew cobbled together from the Master's section, past and present, a few guests hopefully, and here is the good bit.


If you want to sponsor your parent to be in the team, you offer £5 to watch your mum swim 50m, she may have to counter with £6  not to swim. You get the idea.


There won't be a trophy or any medals, but unlimited bragging rights.




Mr C

2017 Award's night

Rugby Swimming Clubs – Awards Evening



Rugby Swimming Club held their annual awards evening on Friday 13th January, at the Railway Club, Hillmorton Road attended by squad members and their families. There was no red carpet, but everyone had certainly come dressed to impress. The club has been going since 1971 with members from 6 to…..well it would be rude to say who but some soon to enjoy a “special 50th” birthday.


A delicious buffet and bar was enjoyed, as each member brought “a plate of something” maybe next year we should limit the sausage rolls to under 1000??. This was followed by speeches from the club chairman, Simon Rigg, who, after welcoming everyone, and thanking various members including Leisa House, Sandra Kelleher, Steve James, and Jon Seaton. The swimmers were then all invited up to thank their parents and guardians for  all their help and support over the year. He went on to the prize giving, ably assisted by Club President Ross Turner, aptly enough, as these two were joined by Karen Taylor and Rachel Lloyd earlier this year in winning Rugby’s first ever GB Master’s relay title. One of a number of notable achievements in 2016, including Cov and District trophy wins, National Open Water titles, for Rachel and Kelly Dughmosh and first final appearances in the Mercian and Leicester leagues, and culminating in promotion to the Arena Premier League.


Trophies won by swimmers at the club championships in September/October were presented, with a fabulously supportive atmosphere being shown by the whole squad throughout the prize giving ceremony. Prizes are based on a decathlon type scoring system to find the true all-rounder in each age group. Many swimmers came away with silverware:


Best in age group


Girls 8yrs – 1st place, Lucy Carlyon

Boys 8yrs – 1st place, Logan Wilson Shrubb, 2nd Finlay Lloyd, 3rd Noah Unwin

Girls 9yrs -  1st place Annabel Crees, 2nd Emma Jones, 3rd Elizabeth O’Brien

Boys 9yrs – 1st Alfie Hebb, 2nd Ben Carley 3rd Farrell Hennigan

Girls 10yrs – 1st Erin Lloyd, 2nd Ella Marlow, 3rd Yanna Villasis

Boys 10yrs – 1st Toby Marlow, 2nd Kieran Jarvis, 3rd William Stamp

Girls 11yrs – 1st Jessica Mackenzie, 2nd Anna Farrow, 3rd Harriet Troup

Boys 11yrs – 1st Max Green, 2nd Ben Aitchison, 3rd James Armeson

Girls 12yrs – 1st Lana Wilson-Shrubb, 2nd Charlotte O’Brien, 3rd Erin Moran

Boys 12 yrs – Mackenzie Patchett Smyth, 2nd Tom Tyler, 3rd, James Phillips

Girls 13yrs – 1st Ceri House, 2nd Hannah Webber, 3rd Cerys James

Boys 13yrs – 1st Daniel Carey, 2nd Barney Dudkowsky, 3rd Toby Rigg

Girls 14yrs – 1st Regan Walker, 2nd Lauren Phillips, 3rd Eva Rath-Juanola

Boys 14yrs – 1st Matthew Seaton, 2nd Ben Jones, 3rd Max Taylor

Girls 15yrs – 1st Megan Williams, 2nd Maddie Haywood, 3rd Holly Cochrane

Boys 15yrs - 1st Thomas Parker, 2nd Rhys James, 3rd Ross Turner


Most Improved

The following swimmers won prizes for most improved, voted for by the coaches.  Ella Marlow was first followed by Anna Farrow, and Emma Jones for the girls and the boys were Barney Dudkowsky, Ben Jones and Max Taylor, in that order.


New captains and vice captains


New captains were announced for 2017, these again being picked by the coaches, the successful candidates were, senior boys captain Jack Carey and vice-captain Ben Jones, senior girls captain Megan Williams and vice-captain Lucy House. The junior boys captain was James Armeson and vice was Max Green, Junior girls captain was Jessica Mackenzie and vice-captain was Anna Farrow.


Team Player of the Year


This was jointly awarded to Jon Seaton, for all his work on the Rugby Open, and the committee in general, and Sandra Kelleher, for her sterling work, as Membership and Open Meet secretary.



Attending the evening after completing his first year with us was head coach James Dyer.  James and his team Tony Hall, Devesh Chohan, Rory Grealy were thanked by the Chairman, as without them the achievements of the swimmers would not be possible. Not to mention the numerous poolside helpers we have who give their time generously.


The celebratory atmosphere continued after the prize giving with a disco and games, which were thoroughly enjoyed by both swimmers and parents! In some cases a little too much by some of the parents, as competitive instincts had to be curtailed at times, Cat Rimen, as always, generally speaking keeping order.



League update

For only the third time in their history Rugby Swimming Club have made it to the dizzy heights of the West Midlands Arena Premier League. Going into the final at Derby in 4th place, RSC knew they would have to throw everything at the final to make the top 2. A difficult decision was made to move swimmers across from the Leicester league team to strengthen the team as much as possible, some swimmers only having one race, but if they could save half a second and were happy to help out, then so be it. It is only 3 seasons ago that Rugby missed promotion to Division 2 by one point in the play-off final, only to move up when another team dropped out. That year relegation was avoided back to Division 3 by the smallest of margins. Last year a solid mid table position was secured, as the club moved on and attracted some new blood, and just as importantly kept swimmers into their mid to late teens. It is not long ago that the 6 x 2 cannon, was a mixture of masters and mid teenagers, now there is one master and 5 late teenagers making up the team. This is also true on the ladies side. The final has double league points, so Rugby knew the only way of finishing in the top 2 was to finish first or second in the gala, as all the top six teams were there. These being, Belper Marlins, City of Derby B, Rugby, Arnold, Stratford Sharks and Pershore. To put it into perspective a certain Olympic Champion and WR holder, Adam Peaty swims for Derby A. Rugby were on fire all evening, and were always in the top two places at every point check, and at each the hope grew as did the fear factor of dropping back. Rugby had 10 winners on the night, as well as 22 other top three places, and crucially on twice did they finish 6th, with no DQs all evening. Head Coach James Dyer was justifiably pleased with the whole team effort, and augers well for the upcoming County Champs in the new year.

The team being

11/U Years   Boys 11/U Years    Girls

Toby Marlow Erin Lloyd      

Ben Aitchinson Harriet Troup

Jake Smith Anna Farrow 

James Armeson Anna Rath     

Kieran Jarvis 


13/U Years   Boys                   13/U Years    Girls     

Daniel Carey                          Jessica Mackenzie    

Max Green                             Charlotte O'Brien      

Adam Kenworthy-Fahy        Lucy Ann Cunliffe     

Barney Dudowsky                             

Toby Rigg      


15/U Years   Boys                   15/U Years    Girls     

Jack Carey                              Holly Cochrane         

Ben Black                               Ceri House    

Matthew Seaton                    Jasmine Rigg

Jack Dolly                               Ellen Armeson

                                                AAofie WIlliams


Open   Boys                           Open    Girls  

Ross Turner                          Maddie Haywood     

Thomas Parker                     Megan Williams       

Gleb Popov                             Rachel Lloyd 

Rhys James                          

We will of course await official confirmation of the results before counting our proverbial chickens.


The Leicester League team went to Braunstone set on having a great time, and maybe unsettling a few teams. As one of only 2 non “A” teams in the final, they knew the going was going to be very tough. Some teams do not enter the National Leagues for various reasons, whereas Rugby entered the LL to ensure more swimmers can compete, and in the 4 years, we have moved up each year, from the bottom quarter, to lower mid table, to upper mid table and now into the grand final. As discussed Rugby had moved some swimmers over to the AL, and with other teams welcoming back students from Uni, it was going to be an uphill task. To give you an idea both the open men’s and ladies 100m were won in times 2 to 3 seconds faster here than at Derby. Rugby were intent on being the best supported and loudest team on show, which it is fair to say was achieved. The team was led by two members of the committee, Chairman Simon Rigg, and Secretary Karen Bates, whose huge experience helped the younger and less experienced swimmers enjoy the evening despite unfortunately finishing 8th, and of course chief cheerleader Ethan Fletcher was superb in rallying the troops. He led a rousing chorus of “you can only beat our B team” during the final event, the 8x 1 cannon, which prompted the coach from Burton to congratulate the club on the team spirit and sense of fun. Rugby were in an evening long battle with Burton and Leicester Sharks, but the real battle at the sharp end saw Rushden just pip Nuneaton to victory. Team Manager Darren O’Brien was extremely pleased to see every swimmer giving their all despite the team managing only 3 x 3rd places all evening, but team spirit never dropped.

The team being

10/U Years   Boys 10/U Years    Girls

William Stamp Elizabeth O’Brien

Ben Carley Annabel Crees

Elliot Ray Emma Jones

Alfie Hebb Yanna Villasis


12/U Years   Boys 12/U Years    Girls

Tom Tyler Clara Haywood

Mackenzie Patchett-Smyth Erin Moran

James Phillips Ella Marlow

Alexander Bowler Smith Elena Ridges

Zak Taylor Briony Dew


14/U Years   Boys                     14/U Years    Girls

Max Taylor                                   Victoria Perxylo

Edward Haynes                            Hannah Webber

Ben Jones                                     Lauren Phillips

Aaron Kirkaldy

Luke Anspokes                            Regan Walker


Open   Boys                          Open    Girls

Devesh Chohan                             Karen Bates

Max Markham                               Lucy House

Ethan Fletcher                             Maya Patchett-Smyth          

Simon Rigg               


Coventry Open Weekend


This weekend Rugby took a team of predominantly younger swimmers over to the Coventry 50m pool for the November Open Meet.

With medals up for grabs for each individual age group, off we went with the intention of bringing some home! Some needing times for the upcoming Warwickshire’s and others just wanting to get long course times and experience in this daunting 50m pool!

The competition was tough as Coventry train here all the time, so this makes it a comfortable environment for them. Rugby on the other hand swim long course only a few times a year, and this can make it slightly more difficult as you need a different approach to your swims in a 50m pool. The competition were teams such as Biddulph, Co Birmingham, Camp Hill, Leek, Stafford Apex and the elite group of swimmers Derventio! Derventio seemed to have a  particularly high number of swimmers in the upper age groups making it even harder competition for those older swimmers that had come along!

So medals we went for, and medals we got!!....To start off day one, a few of our swimmers bravely took on the 400IM, Mackenzie & Maya Patchett-Smyth along with Briony Dew and Yanna Villasis.  Yanna received a Gold in her age group! 200 Back saw Kieran Jarvis (10yr) receiving a Bronze and Alfie Hebb (10yr) just missing out with 4th place, with less than a second between them, both knocking 8/10 seconds off their pb’s! For the girls Yanna (10yr) received a Bronze along with a Silver for Harriet Troup (11yr)! In the 50 Fly Max Green (11yr) got a Bronze for the boys. For the girls was a Gold for Annabel Crees (9yr) and Bronze for Emma Jones (9yr), a close race with only 0.50 between them! 200 Free was a tough event with Emma (9yr) getting a Gold with a 7 second pb! Annabel just missing out on 4th place. Issabelle Hobbs (10yr), Alfie and Ella Marlow (11yr) all had excellent pb’s in this event! 100 Fly I think I can fly….. and she did, Yanna (10yr) was successful again with a Bronze. In the 200 Breast both Emma (9yr) & William Stamp (10yr) got a Silver, Toby Marlow (11yr) just missed out on a 3rd place. 50 Back again saw medals for Annabel & Emma (9yr) with 2nd/3rd places. And Hannah Webber (14yr) received a Gold!

On to day two, another good day….100 Breast, William (10yr) received Bronze as did Toby (11yr), whilst Ben Jones (14yr) had a tough race and just missed out to the Derventio lads with 4th place. Erin Moran (12yr) just missed 3rd place also. Ella (11yr) however, was very successful with a Gold! Then came the very tough 200 Fly the only two daring enough (must be mad!!) to take this on were Yanna and Mackenzie! Both getting Gold medals so worth the effort!! In the 50 Free we gained a number of medals with Gold going to Annabel (9yr), Silver going to Adam Kenworthy-Fahy (12yr) and Bronze to Emma (9yr) and Max (11yr). 200IM Kieran (10yr) got Gold, Annabel (9yr) Bronze and Alfie (10yr), Adam (12yr), Anna Farrow (11yr) just missing a medal with 4th ! Poor Hannah (14yr) had a goggle problem meaning she had to step down! The O’Brien sisters took the 100 Back by storm with a 2nd for Charlotte (12yr) and a 3rd for Libby (9yr), the boys also did well with Kieran (10yr) in 2nd and Alfie (10yr)/Adam (12yr) getting 3rd. And to finish on a high…. a very successful event for us the 50 Breast we had Emma (9yr)/Ella (11yr) with Golds, Annabel (9yr)/Adam (12yr)/Hannah (14yr) with Silvers, Toby & Anna (11yr)/Erin (12yr)/Ben (14yr) with Bronze and William just missing out on Bronze by 0.10!!!

The Rugby Cheer Leading team were in good voice and made themselves heard, it was a great atmosphere as the club in the main were seated together, which made the long days, not such long days for the parents! We know kids… you can’t hear us!!

And not forgetting to thank of course our supportive coaching team who did a great job! Tony, Darren & James.

Warwickshire Masters Swimmers travelled to the QDJC on Sunday the 20th to defend their Midland’s Title. Master swimmers are those over 18, and in some cases in this meet, over 70. This is a fantastic, friendly but fiercely competitive meet, with some rivalries going back 50 or even 60 years. With 68 events, including mixed aged based relays, the logistics is somewhat complex, two male 2 female swimmers with of total age exceeding a set figure. Warwickshire, as ever marshalled by Team captain, Trevor Clarke, went on to retain their title with relative ease, scoring 402 points, well clear of Notts, 352, and Derby, 302.5. We will not know the full National results until the master central computer compares all the times form the North, East, West and South regions, but it will be a great surprise if Warks are outside the top three.

Rugby Swimming Club, provided 5 of the victorious team, from Gleb Popov, 18 last month, through Ross Turner, 37, Rachel Lloyd, 44, Simon Rigg 49, to Barry Davies 70. Not many people make their county debut at 70, and Barry was a little nervous at first, but soon got into the swing of things coming second in the second event, despite giving 5 years away to his victor, clocking a very rapid 34.05 for 50m freestyle. Barry was also instrumental in helping the age totals in his relays, as well as making up valuable time. Ross seemed to swim 50m breaststroke any number of times, as he swam in the 18+ event, 25+ and 35+ and just about every Medley relay going, as well as a freestyle relay or two, going sub 25 for free on a couple of occasions. Rachel swam a variety of strokes and relays in her debut, and was integral in these relays gaining very valuable points, clocking a very quick 28.7 freestyle and possibly a lifetime best 50m back in the medley relay in 33.96, in also her first appearance for the county. Simon Rigg in only his second race since being out injured for 6 months, was competitive if not on top form. Clocking 27s for freestyle when he would hope to be doing low 26s or even high 25s in relays. Still working off one good leg, his starts and turns were badly affected, but valuable points gained, despite only being able to swim freestyle and not his specialist breaststroke events. Gleb drafted in at the very last moment, showed just why he is such a force, swimming 50m backstroke in a couple of different relays, and doing most of it underwater, as his kick is just a sight to behold, dipping under 30 on one occasion. All in all Rugby contributed heavily in this resounding victory for Warwickshire, as can be seen from the picture, despite the age range, a great team spirit was felt between the five.

League round up

In the second round of the Arena National League (ANL) and the Leicester League, (LL) Rugby Swimming Club had a very challenging draw, but hopes were high. The Arena team were at home, and seemed to make home advantage count, as they came first, having won out in a battle with Stratford Sharks that lasted all evening. Eventually winning by 223 to 201, with Orion 3rd with 183, Leicester Sharks 152, Warley Waspes 148, and Coalville 139. Over at Hinckley Rugby were always up against it, being in the next lane as Nuneaton A, so the aim was to finish second, which was nip and tuck with Nene Valley all evening, again Rugby prevailed, as Nuneaton romped home with 316 points, Rugby 250, and NV 232. Possibly the highlight of the LL was the whole team, up and chanting during the last relay. An 8x1 cannon, as Kelly Doughmosh, GB Master Champion at 3km, racing over 25m much to her own amusement, and finding it just a tad short for her taste. As ever Ethan Fletcher led the support, as a strong Rugby team, were undoubtedly the loudest team on show, if not always the fastest.

Rugby had 18 winners at the ANL, well clear of the next best who had 8 each. These were, the Ladies and Gents open medley relay teams, the 9/10 girls equivalent, boys 13s free relay, the 15s girls medley, and the Open ladies completing the double, Harriet Troup, Lucy Ann Cunliffe, Ellen Armeson, Anna Farrow, Jess Mackenzie, Dan Carey, Holly Cochrane, Jack Carey, Barney Dudowski, Megan Williams. Seconds for several of the other relay teams, and Ross Turner, Maddie Haywood, Ben Black, Jack Dolly and Erin Lloyd. These were backed up by solid thirds, for Rhys James, standing in at the last minute, and smashing his 100m free pb, with 57.2, Rachel Lloyd, Tom Parker, Toby Marlow and the ailing Jack Carey.

The highlight of the evening epitomises the recent rise of the club, this has to be the senior ladies team, for several years this has been, how shall we delicately put it?, not our strongest area. Held together by Masters swimmers and girls swimming up in recent years. Now the girls are older, and have been joined by one or two additions, several have now been with the club for 8 or 9 years, despite being only 15 or 16 years old. The Medley team, of Maddie, Rachel, Holly and Megan, were joined by Jasmine Rigg, and Ellen, to win the cannon, and thus both relays with relative ease.

Over at Hinckley an interesting mix of Youth and experience took on the mighty Nuneaton, admittedly success was limited, but we did have them worried on several occasions. The real competition was between Rugby and NV for second, and ultimately it was Rugby’s consistency that won the day. Rugby had 6 firsts, compared to Nuneaton’s 32, but NV only had 3, and Rugby were outside the top 4 on just 2 occasions, and as always, steady accumulation of points is the key. Maximum points were secured by Lauren Phillips, Ben Jones, Mairead Williams, Annabelle Crees, Erin Moran, and the girl’s 14 and under relay team. William Stamp, Ceri House, Max Taylor, Hannah Webber, and several relay teams backing this up with seconds, with too many thirds to mention, Rugby were solid all evening, without a single DQ, and team spirit was superb. Club Chairman Simon Rigg confirms that RSC have made the top 8 final for this year, in only the fourth year in the league, and will be one of only 2, non “A” teams in the final.


Club AGM 22nd November 2016

In preparation for the AGM on the 22nd, the committee are proposing some changes to the club rules.  In line with our rules, these must be shared with the membership at least 14 days in advance of the meeting.  The proposed changes are outlined below.

If anyone who has not already advised us that they wish to stand for the committee or any of the three officer posts, can you please do so by return so that the necessary preparation can be made.  In addition, we are also looking for someone to take on the post of club welfare officer as Linda Peake will be standing down from this post.

Proposed changes:

3.4          Change the reference to membership officer to membership secretary

3.7          this is an addition to the rules.  Upon becoming a member of the club, the swimmer and parents / guardians are automatically bound by the clubs code of conduct

4.2          This rule did state that an annual subscription in included in the monthly fees.  Change to an annual fee is payable each year alongside the monthly fees.  The membership fee is due when joining the club and ongoing on an annual basis

5.3          Change final contact my post to final contact by email

5.5          this is an addition to the rules.  Upon resignation from the club, any annual trophies or other club goods must be returned to the club on the date of resignation

14.1        Change to where possible, all deposits and payments will be made by bank transfer.  All payments are submitted by the treasurer and authorised for payment by either the Chairman or Secretary.  Remove all references to cheque payments

Club Kit

Following much debate over the supplier of our club kit, we have made the decision to move supplier.  This is now up and running via a company called LISS Sport.

All club kit can be ordered online, we won’t be holding any stock as a club.  The link can be found on our club website.  

Please make sure you select speed rather than synchro as the logo’s are different.

We have the following items available to order :

                Black hoodie

                Green Pool side t-shirt – you can personalise this on the back with a name  (please keep it clean !!)

                Black shorts

We will also be looking at additional pieces of club kit, so if there is something you would like us to consider, please let us know.  If we feel there will be enough interest then we will see if we can stock.  We have already been looking at adding towels into the kit

When you are selected to represent the club you are required as a minimum to have a green poolside t-shirt.  If you have the old style, there is no need to purchase new kit until it is time to replace.  But remember, club kit makes a great Christmas present !!

We have some sample pieces that you can look at for sizes but as a general rule – they are pretty true to normal shop sizes

Link to the website is :


Target Setting

Could all swimmers fill out the target sheet for the upcoming season.

Could you please email them back to headcoach@rugbyswimmingclub.co.uk when they are filled out. Also you can have a chat to your squad coach.

Deadline for submission is 18th September please.



Lost Fins!



Does anyone have blue Kiefer fins size 5-6 which do not belong to them.  If so could you let me know please, as Aoife has lost hers.




Open Meet - Raffle

Hi everyone, with the open meet only one week away. We would like to thank everyone who has kindly donated to the raffle so far.  We have received fantastic prizes. In order for us to complete as many ‘movie night’ hampers as possible, If you haven’t donated so far, could we please request items such as chocolates, popcorn, soft drinks, wine, beer etc. this would be really appreciated.


If you could hand these to Nicky by the middle of next week, that would be great.


Thank you, in anticipation of your generosity.




As you are hopefully already aware on 12th March, during training we will be holding a relay race for Mr Chairman’s “special” birthday! This event is open to all members of the club (even the parents!) but the training session itself will only be for those who usually attend. Please see the post on the website for more details.

The teams will be Boys, led off by Toby Rigg, vs Girls, led off by Jasmine Rigg, vs Masters led off by Mr C himself. The idea is that there will be 50 boys, and 50 girls, so from the very oldest and largest through to the development section. 

There won't be a trophy or any medals, but hopefully a lot of fun. 

So if you wish to take part please email James at headcoach@rugbyswimmingclub.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.


Time Trials

Hi all, just to let you know in advance that the next time trials will be held on Tuesday 7th March.


We are looking for volunteers who would be prepared to help with the time keeping.  As we will be doing this every 6 weeks we will require a regular team we can call upon. Anyone who volunteers will need to be DBS checked but this is an easy process and we will let you know how to get this done.


If you are interested in helping please email Nicky on 




Exciting News!

The club is proud to announce that we have been shortlisted in the Rugby Sports Awards 2016, club of the year category.


The awards ceremony sponsored by The Rugby Advertiser and Rugby FM will be held on Wednesday 15th March 2017 at the Ben Hall.


The club submitted nominations in a number of categories to a judging panel who shortlisted the applications.  The successful nominees go forward to the final. Just to be shortlisted is a success in itself and we should be proud of our achievements this year.  Obviously being the competitive bunch we are, this shortlist should be seen as a club personal best.  However, we will keep our fingers crossed for a podium finish.

"Practice" Junior League Gala - 25th Feb at Braunstone - Info

Further to the recent email regarding the 'practice' Junior League Gala, please find the Team Sheet attached.

Please tick the sheet which will be on the notice board at Rugby School or email Devesh at devesh.chohan@outlook.com with your availability as soon as possible.


NJL Friendly 2017.docx


Please be aware that the first round of the league will be on Saturday 1st April followed by 13th May & 17th June (see club calendar).

Kit for Sale

We have some kit available for sale, it is ex-swim school in good condition.


Various items.....

Speedo boards £7

Mini Speedo boards £4

4 tier JPL pull buoy £5

3 tier JPL pull buoy £3

Zoggs pull buoy £6

Zoggs fins £7

Kiefer fins £5


If you are interested in any of these, please see Devesh.


Rugby Open 2017, 3rd-5th March

Rugby Open 2017 is now closed to further entries. All sessions are full.

Rugby Open Meet 2017 Info Packv4.pdf

Accepted Entries: RO17 Accepted Entries.pdf

Questionnaire Response to Parents

Just a quick email to say that the response document from the questionnaire is currently being worked on, but due to the Warwickshire's taking place at the moment it is taking slightly longer than we would have liked.  Apologies, please bear with us we will get a document out to you very soon.

The committee

Photos from the Warwickshire's

Just in case you haven't already seen them..

There are some great photos of our swimmers who attended the Warwickshire's last weekend. Here is the link for you to take a look.

Well done to all those who took part.


The code is WASA2017 to view the images


The accepted entries for this meet are now on the Nuneaton & Bedworth website, we advise that you check your swimmers entries and report any errors to James please. 





As you are hopefully aware on 12th March, during training at 5pm for ½ hour, we will be holding a relay race for Mr Chairman’s “special” birthday! We will be using 3 of the lanes during this time to run the event.  So if you decide not to take part you can continue to train, if you so wish. Please also be aware that the relay event is open to all members of the club (even the parents!) but the training session itself will only be for those who usually attend. Please see the post on the website for more details.


The teams will be Boys, led off by Toby Rigg, vs Girls, led off by Jasmine Rigg, vs Masters led off by Mr C himself. The idea is that there will be 50 boys, and 50 girls, so from the very oldest and largest through to the development section.


There won't be a trophy or any medals, but hopefully a lot of fun.


So if you wish to take part please email James at headcoach@rugbyswimmingclub.co.uk.   We look forward to hearing from you.




Thankyou for your feedback received via the recent survey (communication will be coming out shortly).  One of the areas you highlighted was communication.  To help with this we have set up an email address to capture any suggestions and ideas you feel may help improve the club.

The address is ideas@rugbyswimmingclub.co.uk

We will take a look at this on a regular basis and ideas/suggestions will be discussed at the committee meetings.



Great new way to support Rugby Swimming Club without costing a penny!!

to find out more 

Click here 


Another fantastic, easy way to fund raise for the club! Please click here to start shopping!!



You will hopefully remember before Christmas we gave you details of an easy way you could help the club to raise funds through your high street purchasing. 


It’s the time of year when people are thinking of booking their summer holidays.  We would really appreciate your support and ask you to consider using the fund raising link as there are numerous travel agents connected with this site.  For the average family holiday you could generate £40 for the club!


Not forgetting all your everyday spends, including your grocery shopping! There are many high street retailers, take a look at the list.  There is also an app you can use on your phone!




Lots of us already shop with Proswimwear,  you will now find a link on the website which if you use it to do your shopping, will help us benefit in a similar way to the easy fund raising site. The club receives a commission of 5% for every purchase (excluding VAT) made through the link.


If you would like help on how to use either of these links please ask me.


I hope you will consider helping out!





As many of you will be aware the primary schools gala this year will be held on Wed 15th February for years 3&4 and Wed 1st March for years 5&6, 6.30-8.30pm at the QDJ.

If any of you would like to help out by time keeping please email me at secretary@rugbyswimmingclub.co.uk. All you need to do is be able to work a stopwatch and write clearly! A great way to come and see whether being a time keeper/official in the future would be something you fancy doing for the club. On this occasion even the older children can help out.

So again, don't be shy come and give it a go.






Evening all

We have closed the surveys now, with 58 swimmers responding and 80 parents. Generally speaking it was a very positive response, with all questions being answered 60+% positively, and in some case up to 90% positively.

Clearly there were some negative comments, and suggestions, which we are working through, and we will send out a general reply to cover as many of these off as possible.

One area that cropped up was information or lack off, in that regards the Website is the central focal point for all aspects of the Club. If you can't remember your log on, we can re-issue, as the website has the Calendar, schedule of events, swimmers PBs, club rankings, swimmers progress, Midlands QTs to name but a few pieces of information readily available.

We will aim to have a fuller response shortly.



Photo Permission

Hi there!


Just a quick request....

With the increasing success of the club we are finding ourselves recording our successes with a quick snap shot. Therefore, can I please ask that if there is anyone who would prefer their child/children not to be photographed for our own purposes or newspaper reports etc. or to be shown on our social media sites would you please email me at secretary@rugbyswimmingclub.co.uk so that it can be recorded and ensure we adhere to your request.

Thankyou everyone


Caption Competition

A bit of fun for all the kids.

I am sure the gentlemen involved won't object.

Please send in an appropriate caption for this picture, to Nicky at Secretary@rugbyswimmingclub.co.uk, polite (ish) obviously

Mr C

New Rugby Swimming Club Gala Calendar - 2016/17

New planner released on the Competition tab please have a look! UPDATED 05/02/17

Club Kit

New Club Kit available to order from LISS Sport

Zip hoodies and towels now available!